Saker Soldering Iron Kit


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  • NEW DESIGN: The design of the side can always observe the internal operation, quick and easy to replace the heating core.
  • INTEGRATED POWER SWITCH: More energy-efficient and safe in operation and use, no need to unplug frequently each time.                                                                                 
  • SELF-RESETTING RATCHET TRIGGER BUCKLE: This trigger buckle has a self-resetting function and a good sense of ratchet progression.
  • SAFETY DESIGN: The use of anti-bending tail wire, to prevent the use of the process of bending the wire, can effectively enhance the service life.
  • Suitable for tin coils with an inner diameter of 2cm and an outer diameter of 6.2cm.


  • Size: 20*27.5cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Material: alloy welding nozzle + plastic gun body
  • Power: 60w
  • Voltage: 110v


  • 1*Saker Soldering Iron Kit

1 PC, 2 PCS, 3 PCS, 1 * Saker Soldering Iron Kit + 1 * Solder Wire(0.8mm 50g), 1 * Saker Soldering Iron Kit + 1 * Solder Wire(0.8mm 100g), 2PCS * Solder Wire (0.8mm 50g), 3PCS * Solder Wire (0.8mm 50g), 2PCS * Solder Wire (0.8mm 100g), 3PCS * Solder Wire (0.8mm 100g)


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